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Demanding Joy is a holistic wellness firm that offers transformational coaching, retreats, and public speaking in service to women who do too much (If you’re feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, disconnected, depleted, unsure about your path, or just in need of a little boost, this means you. And, you are not alone). We are called to serve women in a radically nurturing and joyful way. We believe that women’s voices and women’s stories are vital to changing the world; and we most definitely want to make the world a better place. We love helping women to recognize their value and articulate their dreams. Then we dance with happiness when we see those dreams realized. We empower women to create more healthy, abundant, awesomely joyful lives.

Our Core Values

  • We believe in joy! Everyone is deserving of a life filled with joy; joy is not optional. We cultivate gratitude and abundance because gratitude is the basis of joy. What could be more fun?
  • We start from a place of love. Every woman deserves to be loved exactly as she is. You are enough. Compassion and kindness are the bedrock of everything that we do.
  • Our integrity is crucial. We tell the truth and we stand by what we say. We are our authentic selves even when that makes us vulnerable. We respect your words, your individuality, and your privacy. If we don’t believe that we can help you, we won’t take your money. 
  • We are all about transformation. We believe in the power of fresh ideas and big dreams, which must be accompanied by action to be successful. We only work with women who are ready and willing to commit to change and invest in themselves. 
  • We are building an inclusive community. Life is not a competition. My joy is different from your joy is different from her joy — yet, all of our joy is equally worthy. There is enough joy in the world for everyone. We love to collaborate with strong, wise, kickass women and uncover the brilliance that lies within each of us.
  • We are passionate about what we do. Words and thoughts are critically important. They create our world. Learning and talking about bringing more joy to the world is our absolute favorite thing.

It’s time to invest in yourself.

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“I really enjoyed attending Meg’s workshop.  She has a very powerful story that made an impact on me.  She is a wonderful presenter with a big heart.  I would highly recommend her workshops to anyone who wants to create more love & joy in their lives.”  ~Karie G.

“Meg’s voice will inspire you to change your thoughts and create a peaceful mind.  She has all the tools to make this happen.”  ~Melody G.

“Meg is a gifted Heal Your Life teacher.  Her calming energy is extremely conducing to deep meditation experiences.  I highly recommend all of her wonderful workshops.  You will have a transformational experience.”  ~Leonore P.

“Meg provides a great safe space during her healing workshops.  She inspired me to love myself.”  ~Jonice T.