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Want more joy in your life? You’ve come to the right place. You deserve all the best life has to offer!

With Demanding Joy, you will learn:

If you’re feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, disconnected, depleted, unsure about your path, or just in need of a little boost, you are not alone. We invite you to learn how incredible you really are. Let us help you demand your joy.

About Meg

Meg Davies, Founder

After four decades being the “good girl” and doing everything I thought I was supposed to do, I found myself not liking my life (or myself) very much. Thanks to some great mentors and coaches, I began the process of befriending myself and learning to demand my own joy. On this journey, I was able to clean up my physical and health, lose more than 100 pounds, overcome some crap from my childhood, ditch my addiction to perfectionism, walk away from a successful, but soul-sucking corporate career, relearn to smile, and reinvent myself and my life.

I am thrilled to be a licensed coach and workshop teacher with Heal Your Life®, based on the philosophy and work of Louise Hay. My true passion is giving people the tools and support to live the life of their dreams.

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