Want more joy in your life?  You’ve come to the right place.  You deserve all the best life has to offer! 
Let us help you get it.

With Demanding Joy, you will learn:

  • tools to live a more joyful, abundant, healthy, prosperous life
  • how to befriend & nurture your authentic self
  • techniques to identify & release anything that my be keeping you from your highest good
  • to be more balanced, confident, passionate - even fearless!
  • to align your own thoughts, words, choices, & behavior with your core values & your true intentions

We love helping people to recognize their value and articulate their dreams.  Then we dance with happiness when we see those dreams realized.  If you’re feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, disconnected, depleted, unsure about your path, or just in need of a little boost, you are not alone.  We invite you to learn how incredible you really are.  Let us help you demand your joy.

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“I really enjoyed attending Meg’s workshop.  She has a very powerful story that made an impact on me.  She is a wonderful presenter with a big heart.  I would highly recommend her workshops to anyone who wants to create more love & joy in their lives.”  ~Karie G.

“Meg’s voice will inspire you to change your thoughts and create a peaceful mind.  She has all the tools to make this happen.”  ~Melody G.

“Meg is a gifted Heal Your Life teacher.  Her calming energy is extremely conducing to deep meditation experiences.  I highly recommend all of her wonderful workshops.  You will have a transformational experience.”  ~Leonore P.

“Meg provides a great safe space during her healing workshops.  She inspired me to love myself.”  ~Jonice T.