A Month of Letting Go - Scarcity

Throughout January, we’re going to talk about releasing.  To make room for abundance, joy, balance, and peace, it’s important to let go of the old stuff that no longer serves your highest good.  January is a great time to take a personal inventory and set a solid foundation for the year ahead.  What elements of your life make you feel good?  What elements deplete you?  To the latter, I say, “Thank you, but I don’t need you any more.  Bye now.”  

Last week we talked about Releasing Negativity.  


#2.  Scarcity

More specific than negativity or complaining is scarcity thinking.  Having a scarcity mentality means using up all your energy on what’s lacking or inadequate.  On what’s not enough.  There isn’t enough money…My body isn’t good enough…I’m not making enough progress…There’s not enough _________ in the world. 

It’s so easy to fall into this trap.  We’re conditioned to want more no matter how much we have.  The result is that we learn to never be content.  And, what you focus on will grow, so if you’re focusing on what sucks, you will inadvertently increase the suck.  Spending a lot of time thinking about cellulite and poverty?  You’re just ordering up more cellulite and poverty.  So let’s flip it around.  Rather than what you don’t like, what do you want to create more of?  What’s good?

Scarcity thinking is particularly prevalent during the season of New Year’s resolutions.  Resolutions are usually some version of “I’m going to be less inadequate this year.”  Too often, they are based on scarcity and shame.  This is why resolutions are nearly always unsustainable and unsuccessful. 

You can’t achieve health and happiness through self-punishment or self-deprivation.

So, I don’t like scarcity-based resolutions.  But I do like setting intentions - goals that come from a place of self-love.   The tangible result may be the same, but the emotion behind it makes a huge difference.  For example:

Resolution:  I need to lose weight.
Intention:  Because I love myself I am going to make my body even stronger and healthier.

Resolution:  I'm going to quit being so lazy and finish my book.
Intention:  Because I love myself, I am going to finish my book project and anxiously see where it takes me.

Resolution:  Maybe I'll hire an organizer and finally clean up this mess.
Intention:  Because I love myself, I will make my home the perfect haven for me.

Scarcity thinking all boils down to fear.  Fear that bad things will happen.  Fear that there won’t be enough.  Fear that you won’t be enough.  You’ve gotten through all the hard stuff up until now.  You are an intelligent, capable, talented person.  You got this.  It’s going to be ok. 

That’s the thing about abundance – it’s all around us, ripe for the taking.  Right now.  We’re conditioned not to see it and to focus on what’s wrong or what’s missing, but there is joy to be harvested in every moment. 

There are bits of happiness everywhere. 

Finding them requires only that you see them and give them a bit of your attention.  Changing those thoughts from scarcity to gratitude is life-changing.

Throughout your day, notice your thoughts.  Is your attention on what’s lacking?  Need some help?  Give me a shout -